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As eco-conscious consumers ourselves, we at Furniture From Home are very proud of the quaint line of ecologically minded home office furniture offered below.  This line is created with solid lumber, harvested according to the standards set by the Council for Forest Stewardship.  The making and finish application is done in a North America based factory that is powered by Solar Panels.  We even ship this furniture in an ecologically more forward manner, using re-usable blankets versus the wasteful use of Styrofoam and cardboard. 

The end product is a bench made, solid wood home office desk that will last a lifetime or more.  As you are passing your quality furniture down to your children or re-selling the furniture after you've exhausted your useful life of the furniture, you can do so with a clear conscious for the environment... these collections are the most ecologically minded home office furniture we have unturned in the marketplace today!

A Message from our Founder:

Dear Green Conscious Consumer:

Thank you so much for taking the time to view our small line of eco-friendly home office furniture!  As an eco-minded consumer myself I know and understand the challenges of finding truly eco-friendly products.  So many products that should not be labeled "green" are getting this prestigious label.  Just the other day I received an advertisement from a furniture supplier who's ad read: "Go Green" with the "green" being accentuated with a  ridiculous cartoon picture of a man holding hundred dollar bills.  The not-so-subtle inference was to say that you, "green" shoppers, are willing to pay a higher margin on "green" products.  The ad made me furious.  I had a mind to call the supplier and tell them how insulting they were to society.  In the end, I abstained.  This experience though made me acutely aware of the number of potential 'scams' there are out there to try and pray on our greater-good collective consciousness. 

The reasons that this furniture is in fact "green" are actually quite simple and verifiable:

  • The lumber is approved by Forest Stewardship Council
  • The furniture truly is solid wood and therefore will last virtually forever and could be donated/sold/passed down for future parties
  • This furniture is made in a factory that uses alternative energy (solar energy) to power the tools/lights etc.
  • We ship this furniture using blanket wrapped carriers, this furniture never sees a cardboard box or a piece of Styrofoam


In addition to the truly green construction another thing that is particularly important to me and many of our green conscious customers is the fact that this furniture is made with the lowest VOC rated finishes.  VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compound, it is the "toxic smell" you get on most new furnishings (just out of the box).  It's approved by the US government to use in the finish of furniture.  There is no known/provable long term negative side-affects to the use of VOC's in furniture finishes. 

Although, many consumers find the fumes toxic and it can cause headaches and migraines if exposed for too long.  The office furniture above uses a finish that contains the lowest amount of VOC on the market.  The finish is so low in VOC in fact that our furniture doesn't produce the toxic "smell" that other furniture typically does.  We've successfully delivered this furniture to consumers nationwide who are very sensitive to the chemicals in furniture finishes without negative incident. 

In fact, for the consumer who is in need of a completely organic finish, we can easily substitute our very low VOC finish with  a completely organic finish, the only reason we don't offer it as standard is because a truly all-organic finish has an oily residue and organic odor.  An odor that most of us would shy away from... but, for the truly organic seeking shoppers the odor would mean peace of mind!

Before I sign off, I'd like to bring up the subject of cost.  Please consider when pricing out our eco-line of home office furniture that this furniture is completely solid lumber and made completely in North America.  Additionally, the cost of blanket wrap shipping these items versus shipping with freight carriers and cardboard/Styrofoam boxes is more expensive. 

Your purchase supports:

  • Furniture From Home, a California corporation
  • Shippers that are careful enough with their shipping that it allows us to ship with simple blanket wrapping
  • Our North American (Canadian based) manufacturer and their endeavor to reduce the carbon footprint by producing a quality, solid wood product that will last a lifetime, in a factory that is ecologically forward thinking


Best of life to you and your loved ones!  Thank you again for stopping by at Furniture From Home.  We appreciate your business!



Milan Rousset


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  • Livingreen - A beautiful, green-inspired site that sell products across a spectrum of categories.

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