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Browse our selection of eco friendly bedroom collections below.  If you have any questions about our bedroom sets don't hesitate to chat with us or call us anytime.  We appreciate your business!

Our line of eco-friendly bedroom furniture is named such because of attributes that make the furniture a more ecologically friendly choice.  Some of our eco-friendly bedroom sets have more ecologically friendly construction than others; but at a minimum our solid wood "eco bedrooms" are made with ecologically harvested timber.  The definition of ecologically harvested woods is: timber that has been cut according to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council.   Included in the doctrine for Forest Stewardship is the replanting of cut timber. 

In addition to the minimum of ecologically harvested woods, many of our eco-conscious bedroom sets are made with the following characteristics:

  1. Factories that are powered by Solar Panels
  2. Low VOC rated finishes (less toxic to humans and the environment)
  3. Made with solid woods (the furniture will last a lifetime or more and can be re-purposed/donated etc.)
  4. Many of our eco-bedrooms are shipped using re-usable blanket wrap technique, rather than wasteful cardboard and Styrofoam. 


Our "Green" bedroom sets are generally more expensive and of a simpler design than our more ornate, non-green bedroom collections; however this cost increase is usually greatly offset by the solid materials and better finish.   Also many of our eco bedrooms are made in small factories and are primarily bench made. 

On many other websites and retail stores, you will find that the "Green" story is mostly fluff and a sales pitch for sympathetic consumers.  With Furniture From Home eco-bedrooms we have actually vetted our suppliers and only tag them as eco-friendly if in fact they ARE using the right materials and helping minimize the global carbon imprint. 

If you have any questions or if you require any documentation about our eco bedrooms please don't hesitate to contact us.  Help us spread the word about these more ecological bedroom collections by telling your friends and liking us on Facebook and Plus(1) us on Google.  If you are a part of a "green" community let us know how we can take part in your community, we'd love to support and take part in your vision for a more "green" world.

More about the VOC rating.  Many US consumers have a negative allergic reaction to the chemicals used in home furnishings.  The reason for this reaction is because of the Volatile Organic Compound used in furniture finishes.  For most people the inorganic, toxic smell of their new furniture is not a big issue, however, some people have major allergic reactions to the finish of the furniture.  For the people who have allergic reactions to normal furniture finishes our eco-bedroom sets may be a better choice because of the extremely low use of VOC's.  If you or a loved one has had a negative reaction to the "smell" and chemicals used in furniture finishes in the past, please contact us for more information and documentation about the finish used in our eco-line of bedroom sets. 

Additional Eco Furniture Resources:

At Furniture From Home, creating a community around specific types of our products is one of our goals.  If you have a resource that is important and related to eco furniture please don't hesitate to email or call us with the resource!  

Below is a list of external resources that will likely be inspiring to our customers:

  • - is a cool website that provides a community behind green shopping.  The link takes you directly to a page on their site that talks more about VOC's and other chemicals commonly found in furniture.
  • Portico Style - is small retailer out of Portland that offers, hand crafted low VOC bedroom furniture.  If you can't find a bedroom collection from our site, you may find one there!


This short, well produced video on, describes two artists (Marie-Jose Gustav and Laurence Petit) processes in re-purposing products and furniture to create a new eco friendly design.  The result of their work is a bright, invigorating furniture design and a much less carbon footprint.

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