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Browse our collection of upholstered sectionals below.  Whether you are looking for a quality microfiber sectional or a more classic chenille sectional sofa, we have a number of options below.  Need customization or some help with making a final decision?  Call us we are standing by to answer any questions you may have about our sectional sofas!

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Your experience is important to us.  To help make your shopping easier, we have extended our warranty period from 6 months to 1 year on all of our sectionals and we now offer a worry free, no questions asked return policy.


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Our upholstered sectionals are delivered and installed in your home, free of charge.  Our process is to wrap each piece with cardboard and 3 to 4 ml thick plastic wrap, we do this to ensure that during the voyage from our factories floor, to your home, the furniture is not damaged. 

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Contact us toll free 866.794.8861 x 3 or email us anytime  Our professional staff are standing by to assist you in the furnishing of your home.



The Two More Popular Fabric Types for Sectionals is Microfiber and Chenille:

Microfiber Sectionals

Microfiber sectionals have a nice soft hand and are easy to clean.  The microfiber fabric is commonly used because it is universal in it's appeal, easy to clean and very affordable.  Microfiber is also known as: micro suede among other popular names.  Contact us for a fabric swatch or more examples of microfiber.  The cost of a microfiber sectional is usually going to be more reasonable compared to a chenille or other printed fabric. 

Examples of Microfiber Texture
Examples of Microfiber Texture

Chenille Sectionals

Chenille sectionals have a raised characteristic and is more classic in style.  Chenille has deep set channels with a soft raised top fabric.  Chenille are more commonly seen in transitional and traditional styled sectionals whereas microfiber is more commonly seen in transitional to modern sectionals.  Our chenille sectionals come in a variety of fabric colors and styles.  Call us for more details or for samples.  The cost of a chenille sectional is often times slightly more than their microfiber counter-parts.  The reason is that the cost producing chenille is higher than microfiber.

Examples of Chenille Fabric Texture

Other High End Sectional Fabrics:

There are various other fabrics used in the construction of high end upholstered sectionals.  You can find fine printed fabric, fabrics imported from high end fabric manufacturers in Europe and silk fabrics.  Usually in the construction of higher end sectional sofas, there are various fabrics used, such as a soft, high end chenille for the body; decorative printed fabrics for the accents and pillows and the contrast of a nice silk fabric on the back and edges.  High end upholstered sectionals vary in cost widely, one of the biggest expenses is the cost of the fabric and high end fabrics vary dramatically by producer, print and texture.

Examples of Higher End Silk and Printed Fabric

Common Questions:

Q. How much yardage does your typical sectional require? 

A.  A 3 piece upholstered sectional with a sofa + loveseat + chaise is going to be anywhere from 35 yards - 50 yards.   The total yardage depends on the size of the sectional.

Q. Are fabric sectionals more or less resilient than leather sectionals?

A. The expected useful life of a fabric sectional (used on a daily basis) is 7 - 10 years.   The expected useful life of a leather sectional is 10 - 20 years.  Leather is a more resilient material.

Q. Can we use our own fabric on your sectionals?

A. Some of our sectionals are custom made right here in the USA.  Others are imported from Asia.  When a sectional is made in the USA we welcome the use of the customers own fabric.

Q. How do you clean upholstered sectionals?

Microfiber Sectionals

A. Microfiber cleaning is generally the simplest.  Simply take a warm damp cloth with just a touch of suds and wipe the area of the sectional that was spilled on. 

Chenille Sectionals

A. Chenille sectionals are generally very good at "hiding" spillage and stains.  Nonetheless, to clean take a warm damp cloth and wipe the area.  Be careful not to damage the channel or flatten the soft top-portion of the chenille as this will cause the fabric to look uneven.

High End European Imported Printed Fabrics and Silks

A. In an emergency blot the spilled-upon area with a damp, clean cloth.  Do not rub the stain as this will likely damage the fabric.  We recommend regular, professional cleaning of delicate, higher end fabrics.

Top Manufacturers of Upholstered Sectionals:

Throughout the United States there are various small manufacturers of upholstered furnishings.  All with varying degrees of quality in mind.  To list all of the niche, upholstery manufacturers would be dizzyingly difficult.  We source our sectionals from a handful of hand-selected suppliers with whom we've built solid relationships with over the past years.  Our best sectionals come from small manufacturing suppliers, companies that specialize in their fields.  Out of respect for these small shops and their privacy we do not list their name or information on our sales materials.  The following is a list of the best known in their field:


Broyhill Furniture

Their upholstered sectionals are finished on order and many offer over 100 different fabric samples.  At Furniture From Home we offer competitive pricing and the entire line of Broyhill Furniture upholstered sectionals.

Lane furniture

Lane is essentially the same company as Broyhill... just a different brand.  They also make a nice product with the option of many different fabric options.  Lane is best known for their comfortable easy chairs.

Diamond Sofa

Diamond sofa makes a more contemporary styled sectional.  Their line includes both leather and upholstered sectional sofa.

Klaussner Furniture

One of the biggest suppliers in the USA, Klaussner has a mid-priced sectional made with a select few fabrics.  Their sectionals are both comfortable and heavy-duty.

Ashley Furniture

Ashley is a huge supplier of upholstered furniture in the USA.  They have a huge selection and their pricing is very competitive.  It's best to read up on reviews of their products prior to ordering though, the quality control of their couches can be hit or miss.



Lazy Boy is a reseller/manufacturer with stores nationwide.  Their product is typically in the mid to higher price ranges and their sectional sofas are well received by most.

Ashley Stores

You can find a selection of made-in-china upholstered sectionals at any Ashley store.  It's best to check up on reviews of the store and the products prior to buying though... lest you have a less than favorable experience.

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn sources from suppliers the world over to make their signature sectional sofas in a casual, elegant country style and slip-covered sectionals.

Crate & Barrel

Crate and Barrel has a more modern style sectional sofa selection.  The upholstery used in their sectionals is typically a micro-suede; soft chenille or a modern burlap.

Furniture From Home

The site you are on offers a wide selection of upholstered sectionals at reasonable/fair pricing with free shipping and in home delivery nationwide.  We stand behind our product with a 1 year warranty and our worry free, money back guarantee.


Outside Resources for Upholstered Sectionals:

Ohio State University:

This otherwise dry fact sheet put together by Ohio State explains (in detail) what microfiber is all about.  The conclusion is: microfiber is a great, dependable, quality fabric.

Denver Fabrics:

To get a sense for the types of microfiber available for purchase check out Denver Fabrics; they have a large selection of microfiber and Chenille fabrics for sale.


We often turn to Wikipedia for informed, in-depth definitions and descriptions.  Their content related to the source and history of Chenille is very well appointed.    

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