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Browse our modest selection fo quality sectional sofas with the built-in feature of a comfortable recliner.  If you have any questions or require any asistance with our recliner sectionals, do not hesitate calling us toll free 866.794.8861 x 3.

Recliner FAQ

Q. How far off the wall should I keep my recliner?

A. Typically a recliner needs to be about 4" off of your wall.  Some "0" wall recliners don't require much space at all; though most recliners do require at least 4".  Look for the term "wall hugger" or "0" wall recliner if you want a recliner that doesn't need space from the wall.

Q. What is the warranty on a recliner?

A. The warranty on a standard piece of furniture from our furniture store is 1 year.  The manufacturers warranty on the mechanisms of the furniture we sell is typically 10+ years.  In other words, the mechanisms are virtually guaranteed to withstand the useful life of your sectional.

Q. How do I service a stuck or broken recliner?

A. We highly recommend getting the assistance of a professional service technician when dealing with moving parts, such as those associated with a recliner mechanism.  If your furniture is still under warranty we will send a tech out to your home to correct the issue.  If your furniture is outside of our warranty coverage please contact us for the name and information for a local furniture technician. 

Q. Are recliners safe for children?

A. Generally speaking yes recliners are safe.  You do want to be careful with any moving parts.  Your recliner mechanisms are made with high grade metal and flex in a scissor like motion, if you drop something or need to get "inside" of your reclining piece of furniture, be very careful around the reclining mechanisms.  Don't allow small children to play with their fingers inside of your reclining couch.

Below are some examples of the type of hardware that goes into a recliner couch, chair or sectional

Sectional FAQ:

Q. Can I fit this sectional into my home?

A. Most times yes.  If you have a standard door frame: 29" - 31" your sectional should be able to fit through.  The only time we have trouble with large furniture, like your sectional, is when there isn't a straight shot from the door area to your living area.  Specifically if your doorway has a tight corridor just inside it may make it more difficult or impossible to get a large, heavy reclining sectional into your home.

Q. Can I switch the configuration of the sectional so that the recliner is on the other end?

A. In most cases we build our sectionals so that the the configuration can be changed.  Call us for more details about the sectional you are interested in.


How Recliner Sectionals are Made:

Unlike non-reclining sectionals (stationary sectionals) which are made primarily of a wood frame; a reclining sectional is made with a metal and wood frame.  Recliner sectionals, when compared to regular sectional construction require these added elements:

  • Metal Frame
  • Reclining Mechanisms
  • Additional Material (for the flex of the footrest)


Rocking Motion:

Many recliners have the added benefit of a rocker.  In fact many people consider a recliner or "rocker recliner" the same product.  It's less common that the "rocker" is added to a sofa or sectional because the friction between the fabric sides quickly deteriorate.  To get around this hinderance some manufacturers have begun adding a clear plastic shield between the rocking sections of the chair.  

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