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The country style is often associated with a soft earth-tones, light pastel colors and most importantly a two-toned earthy look.  When you think of a country design, images of a light and airy room with rustic exposed wood beams and bright colors should come to mind.  The video below is a simple compilation of inspired country interior designs; see it for some inspiration.  You can also check out the producer of the video kanon design, which deals primarily in the development of Country Style Kitchen and Bath design.

Country Style Inspiration:

At Furniture From Home we are everything HOME enthusiasts.  Being as that we focus our energy day in and day out in working with our customers big ticket items, like a $2,500 country, farmhouse style desk and other larger installations, as decorators/designers and overall shoppers, we do recognize that there is a wealth of country style products that we don't carry in our own store.  Country Style Home is one of the leading small businesses that focuses in this specific niche.   And for a small hand-crafted selection of country craft products, try Hugs and Stitches.

We hope you enjoy our small selection of Southern inspired, Farmhouse style country office furniture.  If there is anything we can do to help you shop and research the best home office furniture the world has to offer, let us know!

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