Oak furniture is treasured for its warmth and distinctive wood grain. Oak is a very common wood used in furniture construction, both for solid oak furniture and for oak veneers. Oak is known for its strength and durability. White oak (grayish-brown) and red oak (red tones) are both available. Whether you are in the market for oak bedroom furniture, an oak dining table or any type of oak furniture throughout your home, Furniture From Home is definitely the place to shop.

Browse through our extensive selection of oak furniture, including oak bedroom furniture, home office furniture, entertainment centers or oak dining furniture. You will find plenty from which you can choose at the lowest possible price that includes FREE home delivery. Several oak furniture selections have been hand-picked by us to display on this page. However, you'll also find oak selections throughout our website, so here are a few suggestions if you don't see the oak furniture you had in mind on this page:

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You may also want to check out our Wood Furniture Construction Guide, our Guide to Furniture Woods or our Wood Furniture Care Guide for more information on selecting the right kind of oak furniture for your home, how it is constructed, and how to care for the oak furniture you purchase so that it lasts a very long time. If there's anything we can do to help you while you shop for oak furniture online, please call us toll-free at 877.232.0753 or click the customer service banner that appears on the left side of each product page to ask us a question.

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