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Our formal living room collections represent the coming together and culmination of years of design, fabric and solid hardwood hand carvings.  Each collection in our catalog represents the effort, style and design of countless artists and craftsmen from around our globe.  Whether the sofa collection is a $5,000 value or $25,000 heirloom, each piece is intended to be a member of your family and household for years to come; bringing comfort and individuality to your living areas.  We are proud of our selection below, enjoy!

For many of our categories we like to introduce additional off site resources that could be inspiring for a decorator who is just embarking on their journey of redesigning a room in their home.  The ornate living area is a very fun area to decorate, there really is a lot of options and the end result is often times breathtakingly impressive.  Check out some of the inspired websites and videos below. 

Eras of Elegance

This site isn't much to look at, however, it's refined selection of beautifully ornate accessories and it's colorful historical perspective should be of interest to you.


Regal Fabrics

Our customers always ask us about where to get quality classic fabrics to match their ornate home furnishings and Regal is the hidden gem in the industry.  They are our go to for quality fabrics to compliment our customers homes!

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