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This classic hors d’oeuvre translates to “mouth amuser” and is used to give guests a preview of the chef’s culinary prowess. If traditional dining sets are a four-course meal, the dinette set is the amuse-bouche. Our dinette sets are sure to have a similar effect, with their stylish, eye-catching design and petite size. Furniture From Home is delighted to offer a diverse range of dinette sets, dining sets, dining tables, and kitchen tables.

If you are looking for a country, modern, contemporary or traditional dinette sets, Furniture From Home has the style you are looking for. Choose from our wide selection dining tables, dining sets, and kitchen tables. If you need assistance in decorating your dining room or breakfast nook and cant' find what you are looking for, we have personal shopping assistants to help you create the perfect space for your eating area. Each order placed in our safe and secure store includes free nationwide delivery and stress-free white-glove treatment. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives are looking forward to outfitting your dining room or breakfast nook today. If you are looking to narrow your search a little further, try these quick links below. Or enter your key terms into our search box above!

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