At Furniture From Home, we provide virtually any style of colored furniture for your home or office. Our vast selection of furniture colors makes it easy for you to enhance or update your color scheme and home decor. If you need help creating the perfect colors for your home spaces, our personal shopping assistants are always here to help you with interior design ideas. Furniture From Home specializes in creating beautifully designed interiors through our exclusive personal shopping experience. We can help you find the furniture colors you are looking for in addition to any style decor.

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Peaceful Returns

We believe in your happiness, for this reason we offer a 30 day peaceful return policy. If you are not completely satisfied with the items, contact us, we’ll send the same hard-working gentlemen to pick-up the furniture from your home. We ask that you take care of the return shipping, with our gratitude.

Practically Picture Perfect Delivery

Enjoy the video below, illustrating our exclusive and thoughtful delivery process: