Bedroom : Upholstered Beds

Our upholstered bedroom collections have a minimum of an upholstered headboard.  Many of our upholstered beds are either completely upholstered all around or are upholstered in the headboard and footboard with a wood frame.   Upholstered beds come in a variety of styles including:


Our upholstered beds are also upholstered in a variety of materials:

  • Leather upholstery is the material of choice for most consumers
  • Microfiber upholstery is also very popular
  • Other materials include:
    • Beds upholstered in cotton
    • Beds upholstered in linen
    • Beds upholstered in a COM (customers own material)


Upholstered Beds Design/Style Guide:

Upholstered beds are a great way to soften the look and feel of the room.  By adding the soft/warm lines of most upholstered beds, you will create a more warm and inviting space in your bedroomUpholstered beds are often times complimented by soft, warm tones in the bedroom walls and at a minimum a warm carpet or rug.  Although it is possible to find an edgy, contemporary upholstered bedroom set, it is far more common to associate an upholstered bed to a more traditional, warm look and feel.


Upholstered Beds Physical Benefits:

Many consumers favor an upholstered bed because of the benefit of comfort to the back.  Particularly if you enjoy a warm cup of coffee in bed on Sunday morning while reading from your Kindle or Nook, there is nothing more comfortable than having an upholstered headboard to rest your back against.  Upholstered beds are a great choice for the consumer looking for comfort in "hanging out" in bed.


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