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The history of sleigh beds include inspiration as far back as the Roman days; however, the Sleigh Bed style was popularized as recently as the 19th century.  Sleigh beds are often characterized with a scrolled headboard and footboard.  Common attributes of your traditional sleigh bed include:

  • Heavy use of wood
  • Detailed carvings
  • Oversized headboard/footboard


The sleigh bed is by far the most popular style of bedroom set in our online furniture store.  Our sleigh bedroom sets are very typical of the traditional sleigh beds that have been a part of consumers lives and homes since the 19th century.  Many of our sleigh beds are complimented with either a leather or upholstered headboard and the detailed carvings you would have experienced in a Roman high-society home. 

Need help choosing the perfect sleigh bed?  Or want assistance with measuring your space to see if your oversized sleigh bed will fit in your bedroom?  Don't hesitate to contact a Furniture From Home customer care representative.  We can help you either decide on the perfect sleigh bedroom set or help you figure out your room size to ensure that your sleigh bed will fit!

The Typical Anatomy of a Sleigh Bed

 Sleigh Bed Line Drawing
Image Courtesy of Phil Morse


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