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What is a Shelter Bed?

Not to be confused with a shelter-bed, a shelter bed is shaped with a wrapped headboard and usually a wrap around footboard.  The shelter bed mimicks the styling that a wing back chair has and is often called a wing back or wingback bed as a result.  The shelter bed as a style was popularized in the 15th century.  Other than the beauty of the curvature of the bed, it is also great for protecting the sleepers neck from the types of perils you may read about in a 15th century romance novel, such as strangulation... but it also has the more practical feature of keeping the warmth in.


About our Shelter Beds:

We carry a fine selection of higher end shelter beds.  We source our furniture from quality manufacturers around the globe.  All of our shelter beds are privately labeled under the Furniture From Home name.  In the event that you are not satisfied with the selection above, feel free to contact us to explore custom shelter bed options.   

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