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The Panel Bed is a style of bedroom furniture that has a straight up and down headboard and footboard.  In some cases a Panel Bed could also be characterized as a canopy bed, though a strict definition of a Panel Bed usually excludes the characteristic of an overhead canopy.  Additionally, many newer sleigh beds with a low profile footboard may be considered a panel bed with it's mixed use of a sleigh headboard and panel footboard.   The strict definition of a panel bed includes the following characteristics:

  • Headboard / Footboard that are straight up and down
  • Usually paneled design in both headboard and footboard
  • Often times associated with a more country style


Style and Design of the Panel Bed:

Panel beds are a great compliment to a more simple design.  Many good examples of panel beds include styles such as:


Panel beds are also a good choice if you have a more cramped space in the bedroom; particularly if your bedroom is shorter versus wider.  The reason panel beds are usually a better choice with a shorter room is because they typically take up the least space from head to toe compared to sleigh beds or canopy beds.  

Panel beds come in a variety of color options; price ranges and styles.  As one of the more popular styles of bedroom furniture on the market today, consumers have a wide choice of panel beds to choose from.

At we choose our Panel Beds based on the quality of the furniture; the value pricing and the overall look and feel of the piece.  If you would like more information about our panel bedroom sets please don't hesitate to contact us today!


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