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The Ornate Bedroom - A Sanctuary of Elegant Style

When a traditionalist looks at ornate bedrooms many expect to find styles that reflect the baroque era of past centuries.  The style in itself is highly ornamental, rich in design and heavy.  Today's modern household has a much more down-played version of the ornate bedroom.  Today, you're typical ornate bedroom is accompanied with more modern, simple lines and slightly less ornamented designs.  An ornate bedroom today is a watered down version of the baroque styling you find in museums and antique furniture.  

For the watchful eye, lately, there has been a bit of a renaissance going on in the furniture design world.  A renaissance that is tending toward higher ornamentation and highly carved bedroom furniture.  This re-birth of the ornate/baroque styles can be evidenced in some of our ornate bedroom sets

Whether you are inspired by the traditional ornate bedrooms of centuries ago; or a more modern rendition of ornate bedrooms, at we specialize in finding well designed, fairly priced quality high end ornate bedroom furniture and at the very least our wide selection of ornate bedrooms could serve as inspiration as you build your dream bedroom!

At Furniture From Home we believe in quality interior design... and we have a strong foundation in Do-it-Yourself interior design.  No matter how you go about the interior design of your traditional ornate bedroom, spend some time getting inspired!  The Bliss Design Firm has some good quality interior design shots of ornate and traditional old world home interiors.

We love the following video because it really shows how an inspired interior design can bring together both ornate and more modern elements to create a space that is absolutely stunning!


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