Bedroom : Low Footboard

The bedroom sets listed for sale on this page all have the characteristic of a low profile, low footboard.  We've isolated and created this category of bedroom set because of it's styling but also and incidentally most importantly because of the ergonomic benefits of a low profile footboard.  As most people who are blessed with often sought after "height gene" will tell you, there is nothing more uncomfortable than sleeping on a bed where your feet are on top of or being hit by your footboard.  A low profile, low footboard is the solution that helps prevent this uncomfortable situation.  Each bedroom set on this page has been hand selected to help those looking for a bedroom set that will provide you with a more comfortable sleeping arrangement, without the distress of resting your hard-working feet on top of a wood or metal footboard.

Physical Benefits of a Low Profile Footboard Bed:

  • You won't run your feet into the hard and uncomfortable footboard.
  • Makes a smaller space seem bigger.


Design/Style Characteristics of a Low Footboard Bed:


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