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Iron and Wood Bedroom Furniture

At Furniture From Home we bring to market quality, high end bedroom furniture from all around the world.  As our buyers sat thinking about what would be the most important categories to represent our quality bedroom furnishings, the concept of Iron work came up.  As a category in itself it is generally a very small sub-set of our larger line, but, for the customers who enjoy the feeling, look and design that Iron work brings to the bedroom, the Iron and Wood bedroom category really makes searching and keeping up to date with current iron bedroom furniture styles, a lot easier to manage. 

As a company that cares about our customers, we don't pretend, nor do we want to be seen as having every product category.  For a truly unique all iron bed, we recommend the Wrought Iron Co.  Although we aren't associated with them and we can't speak to their service, we have respected their selection of wrought iron beds and the options they offer.   Another company that offers a nice iron-like product is the Faux Iron Solutions; this is a cost saving solution for remodelers and home builders!

Our mission is to inspire interior design.  We do this through our electic offerings of quality high end furnishings and by scouring the web for the most relevant and useful (and inspiring) interior design ideas for our customers.  The following video is a 3 minute look into how iron work is done behind the scenes.  Through the video you may also be inspired by the intricate designs and art available with the medium of iron!

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