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A rich tapestry of hardwoods, luxurious carvings throughout and romantic detailing is what makes our canopy bedroom sets stand out.  You'll love our modest selection below; our canopy bed videos and speaking to our canopy bed specialists.  Should you have any questions about our products and service don't hesitate to call us, we are here to help!

Enjoy The Beauty of Our Canopy Beds Below:

Canopy Bedroom Furniture

The most iconic bedroom style for a romantic bedroom is the canopy bed.  A canopy bed with it's fine fabric finishing touches and over-head delicate designs will bring an elegant romance to your bedroom design.  For as large a canopy bed typically is, it's a decadent piece of furniture that has it's roots in the bedrooms of lords and noblemen of medieval Europe.   Historically speaking, canopy beds were used by the elite classes for warmth, protection and privacy. (read more of the history of canopy beds on Wikipedia.) 

Canopy Bed Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is the canopy bed available in another finish?


  • Unless it states that the item is customizable, it is usally not available in other finish options.  Our classic and traditional canopy beds are typically made with warm tones like: vintage, white wash or cherry or mahogany.   Our more modern canopy beds are in a cooler espresso; black or white.


Q. What is the lead time on your canopy bedroom sets?


  • We typically are able to get orders delivered within about 4 - 6 weeks of the order placement date, using our free shipping method.  If you need a faster delivery time, just let us know and we'll research some express shipping methods.


Q. Where can I see your canopy beds?


  • You could come visit us in our Costa Mesa Headquarters, really, we'd love to meet you... though unfortunately all of our furniture is packaged for shipping and located at various locations around the country.  We are an online furniture store and don't boast locations to preview the bed.  Having said that, we do boast the best service from order placement till delivery!


Q. Does the canopy fabric come with the purchase of a canopy bed?


  • If the canopy bed is pictured with the canopy fabric, yes, it comes with the fabric.  For all of our other canopy beds they are ready for your finishing decorations and inspiration!


Q. What is the difference between a King Canopy Bed and a Cal King or California King Canopy Bed?


  • The short, cheeky answer is "4 inches".  The Cal King or California King Canopy Bed is 4" longer than the regular King Size.   California king size canopy beds were developed to give tall people a bit more leg room.


External Inspired Resources for Canopy Beds

At Furniture From Home, our goal is to bring to market products, ideas and inspiration for our customers to enjoy and get inspired by for the interior design of their homes.  Just as hard as we build our product catalogs to offer the best choices in high end home furnishings, we also scour the web for relevant, interesting and inspiring content. 

Here are a few outside inspiring resources from the web about canopy beds: has 15 Inspiring canopy beds, worthy of a look.  Etsy has an interesting tree canopy bed, available for sale (from Europe).   One of our favorite interior design blogs, freshome has a write-up on a fascinating and totally unique canopy bed by Joseph Walsh.

Below is a short 2 minute video produced by the very clever Meg from My Jewish Home; who teaches us how to build a faux canopy on a very low budget! 


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