Fine furnishings require just the right amount of care and maintenance. A friendly environment is the first step in preserving your fine furniture. Keep dust to a minimum and maintain a reasonable ambient temperature to prevent premature aging. The ideal temperature for your furniture is between 65 and 75 degrees fahrenheit, with relative humidity in the 50-55% range. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight which can result in fading and drying of wood products as well as damage to fine fabrics.

There’s no need to use polishes and waxes, simply dusting with a soft cloth should be more than adequate to maintain your furnitures sheen. Avoid storing your furniture in uncontrolled environments such as attics and storage facilities. When relocating, be certain to protect your furniture from extreme climate and temperature changes. Be certain to use coasters under glasses to prevent moisture damage or staining of your fine furniture. Don’t use chemicals when cleaning the hardware on your furniture, once again, less is more. A soft cloth lightly moistened should be more than adequate to clean your furniture surface.

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